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You cannot talk about the community and development project in Amaia Series Novaliches without touching on the amenities that it has to offer. From the entrance gate, you would not be able to tell that this is a low-cost housing development. The entrance gate with guard house is a good sign for prospective homeowners that indicate the developer’s commitment to maintaining safety and security for the homeowners and their properties. There is also a perimeter fence to ensure that unwanted access to the housing development is warded off. A secure entry and exit point is the mark of a good quality neighborhood and Amaia Series Novaliches has both aspects covered.

Another additional security feature within the housing development is that there is a provision for using CCTV cameras from key areas in the neighborhood. Aside from having security personnel guarding the gate, the CCTV cameras will provide extra set of eyes so that homeowners can sleep tight knowing that they are protected from harmful elements.

A pocket park is also available within this neighborhood. This park provides a green and open space for homeowners and their kids to play in, relax and unwind. Meanwhile, there is also a basketball court wherein you can play hoops in and stay active. A village patio is also available for everyone to use. This is another spot in the neighborhood that will enable you to just lounge and enjoy the peace and quiet of this community. The patio is located right in front of the swimming pool.

Speaking of the swimming pool, this is the perfect spot to go to for residents to cool off or enjoy their leisure time. With a well-maintained property, you can plunge in and relax without the need to go to a nearby resort. The subdivision also has its own club house with function rooms. Hence, you can use this space to celebrate any special occasions or events within the community.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Clubhouse/ Function Rooms
  • Playground
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Convenience Retail
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Upon turnover of the unit to eligible homeowners, you can expect that there will exterior and interior paint finish. The toilet and bathroom is also finished with tiles, along with a faucet and sink. The kitchen countertops are also finished with tiles and ready for use upon occupancy. Meanwhile, the flooring for both the ground and the second floor is also finished. This is therefore good news for future residents of the townhouses in Amaia Series Novaliches. All you have to do is pack your personal belongings and there will be no additional work to be done to the unit.

While the common areas and neighborhood amenities are designed to improve your quality of life, the amenities that are available within each unit are most important. With a high caliber development team in tow, you can guarantee compliant of the highest standards in water supply, electrical power supply and drainage systems. There is also a 1-year warranty on workmanship for every unit in this property, which speaks a lot about the developer’s commitment to providing the highest standard in quality construction.

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